Friday, 4th September 2015

Rubbish dumped outside closed recycling centre.

Rubbish is being dumped outside a recycling centre in Shropshire after it closed last week to make way for a new facility, a resident has claimed.

Michelle Pitt said there was confusion over which site in Bridgnorth was open and closed after Veolia shut the Barnsley Lane centre and opened a new site in Faraday Drive last week.

Mrs Pitt, who lives in Barnsley Lane, said she feared the rubbish situation would get worse if people were not made aware of the closure.

She said: “About 80 per cent of the traffic that goes down Barnsley Lane is going to the refuse site.

“People were stopping on the road last week to dump rubbish because they were not willing to go back to the new Faraday site.

“The site at Barnsley Lane has been closed and as a result rubbish has already been dumped along the roadside at the weekend.

“As a resident of Barnsley Lane I feel this will become an issue if people are not aware of the closure.”

Cat Slaytor from Veolia said workers had been monitoring the Barnsley Lane site, picking up any rubbish that had been fly-tipped since its closure.

She said: “For the first week when the site was closed we went up every day to clear the road.

“We’ve had notices up all week clearly stating the site has closed, with directions to the new site.

“All local houses are being leaflet dropped about the new site and regular visitors have been told for the last three months about the closure of the old one.”

The Barnsley site closed as the Faraday site opened last week.

The new recycling centre is run by Veolia.