Friday, 4th September 2015

Hundreds sign parking petition

HUNDREDS of people have signed an ongoing petition against Shropshire Council’s shock plans to introduce new parking charges in Bridgnorth – and increase others.

St Leonard’s Close resident Ron Richards has circulated pubs, cafes and other businesses with sheets and has set up a table for people to sign outside his home.

“A lot of people are totally opposed to the council’s proposal to increase the fees on the Old Smithfield and on the Innage Lane car park.

“Bridgnorth is a historic town and it will kill it off,” he said. “People won’t be able to afford the charges and lots of people have been signing the petition outside my home.

Lots of people also feel very strongly about bringing in parking meters – it is just a money-making exercise,” added Mr Richards, who will be handing over the names to the council.

Shropshire Council wants to introduce a 10p pay and display fee for up to 30 minutes and 60p for a maximum of an hour in High Street and 13 other Bridgnorth streets.

A protest is also being launched outside the town hall at 10am tomorrow by Claverley man Chris Kelly. He will be heading a team of people handing out leaflets calling on shoppers to make their views known to the council.